Photo Credit: Science in HD @scienceinhd Title: Atom Bomb explosion

By: Andrew Scott/Junior Writer

As he held the codes in his hand, he couldn’t seem to fathom having that amount of power at his disposal. The president is dead, his cabinet disbursed. The world’s fate rests on his command. His new advisers were yelling that everyone must retaliate; but he didn’t have the courage to say that 26 letter code.

He then glanced at his Joint Chiefs and threw the card at them. He screamed that they needed to find somebody else, because this was not going to be his legacy. He was not going to be the guy who sent our nuclear arsenal to Great Britain.

The generals looked at each other, now starting to panic. One of them reached down and picked the card up, but it was useless, he wasn’t the president.

Then one of the generals spoke up, “Sir, respectfully, if you don’t act now, none of us will have a legacy.”

Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott is Blue Ridge junior.

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