8 Minute Write: The Crying Radio

8 Minute Write: The Crying Radio
By: @juilianhochgesang on Unsplash

By Junior Writer, Dylan McGee

The radio began playing. I have always hated that radio, it warps and twists music to make it sound as though someone is crying painful, crystal tears. It would unnerve even the bravest man, and that is only made worse by the dark and bumpy roads of the country. My truck bounces on the unstable, barebones road. To be fair, calling it a wide path would be more accurate. It kills me to go slow in this part of the country side, I think as I slowly drive along in the all consuming black. Tree branches and bushes reach out their thin, skeletal tendrils, trying to grab at the prey that is my vehicle. Brave men speak of what hides in the neighboring woods along this side of the country, what is practiced in the fields and what licks its inhuman lips in the curtains of dense shadow. As I slow to what could be comparable to the trickle of sap, the sound of the woman on the radio sounds like more of a scream than ever. *Scratch*…

Dylan McGee
Dylan McGee is a junior studying at Blue Ridge High School.

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