A Football Life

A Football Life
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By: Jake Morris/Co-writer

I am a massive Steelers fan, ever since I was born. From right out whom it was already determined that I was going to be a Steelers fan. I can thank my dad and my grandfather for me being a Steelers fan. So my grandfather was a Steelers fan, which made my dad a Steelers fan, and that of course made me a Steelers fan. When I was little I didn’t know very much about the Steelers, all I knew was that I was indeed a Steelers fan and on Sundays I had to wear a black and yellow jersey for gameday’s. As I’ve gotten older I have gained a ton more knowledge about the sport and my team, I think I’m officially a super fan. I know every fan of a team calls themselves a “super fan”, but I am a for real super fan. I take my team very seriously, it’s like my religion. Which is also ironic because I practice my religion every Sunday. There was a game that I actually cried after, and not sad tears, tears of joy. We won and I was so unbelievably happy. So basically all you need to know is that I am a die hard Steelers fan. 

… I bet you could imagine my excitement if I was able to go to an actual Steelers game in person. I was living in Florida at the time. My dad is in the Air Force so I’ve moved around a decent amount. I was born in South Carolina and moved to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and now Florida. I never thought I would be able to go to a game, especially when I was living in Florida. 

So one early Sunday morning I had to get up and get ready, but I was under the impression that we were just going out for the day as a family. We all got in the car and headed off to God knows where. We were in the car for about an hour, we got of the exit for the airport. When that happened it got my brain spinning, but I still thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. I was abruptly woken up by my mom and dad getting out of the car and opening the trunk. I spun around in my seat and looked around, wondering what in the world was going on. Then my mom came and opened the door and she told me that me and my dad were going to the Steelers game tonight. At first I was shocked and did not believe her, but when I got out of the car and realised we were at the airport and also saw the luggage in the trunk, is when I believed that this was actually happening. I was so excited and happy, I did not expect this at all, it was a complete surprise. 

My dad and I walked into the airport and had to check our luggage and go through security. I was too tired to even recall what was going on, all I was doing was following my dad. Our flight was a connecting flight, so first we flew to Atlanta Georgia, and then we flew to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It was a very cool experience, I love flying. These plane rides were even better because I was excited waiting for the game, seeing the stadium, or just Pittsburgh in general. When we landed in Pittsburgh I was able to see Franco Harris Immaculate Reception statue in the Pittsburgh International Airport. Which was a very cool experience. 

After we left the airport we headed to our hotel, dropped off our stuff and got ready to head to the stadium. Before I tell you about the rest, there is still one detail that you have to know. This was the last game of the season, and it decided if we made it into the playoffs or if we did not. The Steelers were playing the Baltimore Ravens, division rivals. They also need to win this game to get into the playoffs. Both teams needed to win the division because the two wildcard berths were already taken by the Indianapolis Colts and the Kansas City Chiefs. So this game was an absolute must win for my Steelers. 

My dad and I took a shuttle to the Stadium, which was full of other Steelers fans heading to the game. We got dropped off on the other side of the bridge that lead to the Stadium. When we were walking across the bridge I could see the Stadium, it was breathtaking. I’ve seen the stadium so many times on TV, but to actually see it in person it was something else. We walked through the gate to enter the Stadium and all I could see was Steelers fans as far as I could see. Me and my dad found out were our seats where, and headed out to see the field. 

There is was, inside of Heinz Field. My first reaction was probably like “holy shit”, and then I looked around and just tried to notice as much as I could. All the players were out on the field for pre-game warmups. I could see all the players on the field that I’ve watched on TV for years and years. The game was only half an hour away from starting. 

…In the first quarter both offenses couldn’t get anything going, it was a real defensive battle. All the points that were scored in the first quarter was a field go by the Ravens kicker. Pittsburgh Steelers 0 Baltimore Ravens 3

…The second quarter started with a big play made by the Ravens. A 60 yard bomb thrown by Joe Flacco to their best receiver Steve Smith Sr. The Steelers were now down by 10, and they needed to get some offense going. I was really getting nervous, I did not want them to fall behind then more than 10. But luckily enough the Steelers were able to get a field goal right before halftime. So the score was going into halftime, Pittsburgh Steelers 3 Baltimore Ravens 10.

…Time for the third quarter, the Steelers started with the ball, but couldn’t get anything going again. Their defense stopped the Ravens offense, and we got the ball back. It was time for our offense to come alive, and they did just that. We drove the ball down all the way to Baltimore’s 2 yard line. That was close enough for Ben Roethlisberger to sneak right up the middle for touchdown! The Stadium erupted in cheers, we have tied the game. What made this quarter even better was we scored another touchdown! A 20 yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Juju Smith-Schuster. The stadium once again erupted in cheers while the few Ravens fans hindered in their seats. One more quarter to go and all we had to do as hold onto our lead. 

…The fourth quarter has begun and it was back to a defensive war between these two teams. With about 11 minutes remaining the Ravens scored a touchdown but the Steelers responded quickly the next drive with a field goal. They were knotted up again at 20 a piece. 5 minutes remained and the Steelers had they ball. All they needed to do was score and leave it up to their defense to get on more stop. We drove down the field and wasted a good amount of time. We got ourselves in range for a 50 yard field goal attempt. The stadium went silent, we needed to let our kicker Chris Boswell remained focused on making this kick… The kick was up and it was good. Everyone went crazy, I’ve never heard that many people be so quiet and then so load within a few seconds of each other. The stadium was absolutely rocking, it was all up to our defense now. There was 1 minute 50 seconds left in the game. One stop and we were heading to the playoffs… We stopped the Ravens on three straight plays, “incomplete”, “incomplete”, and “incomplete.” 4th down and 10 yards to go, one more play. “The snap, the throw, and the pass is intercepted!” We won, we actually fucking won, we were heading to the playoffs. 

That was one of the best days of my if not the best. I love the Steelers so much so it only makes sense that my best day ever revolves around my team. I will always be a hardcore Steelers fan. 

Jake Morris
Jake Morris is a Junior in High School, He plays football, weight lifts, and loves to watch anything dealing with sports. He is a member of NHS, FBLA, LEO Club, and SADD.

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