Alliteration Poem: Albatross and Anteater

Alliteration Poem: Albatross and Anteater
By @hansjurgen007 on Unsplash

By: Junior Writer, Dylan McGee 

Atop an ancient arch

An angry Albatross ate the atmosphere

All his anger aimed at an antagonist 

Around the arch an Anteater arrives

“Ahahaha ahahaha ahahaha”, he jeers

Around an angry Albatross

Acrid and aching laughter all over

And the Anteater lacked alack 

“Ahahahaha ahahahaha ahahahaha” he jeers

And all over he would ail and ail

Agitation, assertiveness, against

A mental apocalypse 

“Ahahaha ahahaha ahahaha” he jeers

The Albatross angrily went airborne

And yet the animal did not air his ails

The aerial animal adhered to the arch again

The Anteater in apathy absurdly attacks

 “Ahahaha ahahaha ahahahaha” he jeers

Anteater had attached and assigned himself to Albatross

Albatross sighed at all of Anteater’s antics.  


Dylan McGee
Dylan McGee is a junior studying at Blue Ridge High School.

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