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The Tall Grass

Across the fields we roam, Brushing against the tall grass as you Caress my skin. Dainty flowers bloom as you Embrace me, and I Forget...

Burning Love

Deep, blue ocean waves Shine through your enticing eyes And warn of danger. Flames burst when we touch Burning love becomes too much To breathe...


By: Carissa Zawiski/Junior Writer Sunset The sun starts to set.                              ...


By: Eli McArthur/Junior Writer Car When will it break down How else can I do donuts God, please don’t break down   My Chocolate Bar I...


By: Katelyn Bowyer/Senior Writer Life has been better Since the day I fell for him. I glow all the time.

The Journey

By: Andrew Scott/Junior Writer Bedtime Go to bed at night. Put all your worries to rest. Dream while you still can.   Night Fall Take a...


By: Katelyn Bowyer/ Senior Writer The shoe smells so bad I could throw up from the smell Please keep your shoes on.


By: Katelyn Bowyer/ Senior Writer The flowers smell good Especially on spring days Growing tall and wide  


By: Ryan Mills/Junior Writer I lay in the sand Listen to the waves clashing I dream of the beach