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To the Moon

By: Kayla Blaisure/ Junior writer She told me that she loved the stars I told her that I would take her on a spaceship And...


By: Kiera Andusko/Sophomore writer Fireflies buzzing by Orange hues fill the sky Resting creatures on the ground Ember eyes peering all around Snapping twigs as...


By: Alexis Parks/Junior Writer I love the mountains The movement in the range My mother and I love the magic they bring As they bring...


By: Chase Cosgrove/ Junior Writer I walk down the path  Covered in rocks and gravel The air is daft And the trees start to unravel...


By: Madison Carpenter/Sophomore Writer Winds whistling through the Icy leaves, welcoming the New Year To the  Evergreen trees, creating a Rush of bliss


By: Caiden George/ Senior The trees sway in the wind While not disturbed by mankind While spring is nearing it’s time

The Moon and Stars

By: Alexis Parks/Junior Writer Always there Behind the clouds Crescents or full Dark yet they glow Every night they come Fill the sky Gone and...

The Sky

By: Chase Cosgrove/Junior The sky Swirls It twists and twirls It spins and whirls It sparkles and pearls