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By: Katelyn Bowyer/ Senior Writer The shoe smells so bad I could throw up from the smell Please keep your shoes on.


By: Katelyn Bowyer/ Senior Writer The flowers smell good Especially on spring days Growing tall and wide  


By: Ryan Mills/Junior Writer I lay in the sand Listen to the waves clashing I dream of the beach


By: Katie White/Junior Writer Tik Tok Why arn’t I famous I do all of the dances Please spare me chances   Too Tall I am six...

My Dog

By: Ryan Mills/Junior Writer His fur is so soft He wags his tail when we meet I love my puppy


By: Ryan Mills/Junior Writer Put my helmet on Love hitting people for fun On the gridiron

My President

By: Jake Morris/Junior Writer My President Donald Trump is dope He makes my country better Trump will give us hope My Team I like the Steeler’s...

Mountain Top

By: Tori Auckland/ Senior Writer Mountain Top I stand on the edge while looking out at the view. I see the whole world.   Fairy...