By: Madison Welsted/Editor-in-Chief

If I could just

Get away,

Travel across

The dirt paths

And take in

Scenic views –

Flourishing trees

And bright blossoms –

I’d be free.

If I could just

Loosen their grip,

Evade their expectations,

And escape their lair

Of confinement,

I could live

In peace.

My heart begs me

To follow

Its true desires,

But they lock in all

My todays and tomorrows,

Invade my privacy,

And pressure my mind.

But if for just

One day

I could run

And get away,

I’d breathe fresh air,

Absorb the serenity,

And set out on my own.

If only I could

Be free.

Madison Welsted
Madison will be a young graduate at 17, but she is looking forward to finishing her senior year of high school. In the future, she plans to earn her master's degree in a major related to psychology, as she aspires to become a one-on-one counselor. She works at Subway and babysits to help save money. In her free time, she likes to read, write, and talk to people, so journalism is a topic of interest to her for sure.

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