Duck Face

Duck Face
Title: person standing near arcade machine Photo Credit: Lucreative @luigiestuye

By: Katelyn Bowyer/Senior Writer

As I walked into the airport I heard someone scream ¨duck¨. There were a bunch of gun shots that followed. Everyone hit the floor and covered their heads and the room became silent. Next thing you hear is the gunmen, they told everyone to stay still and to empty any valuables out of their pockets. All of the people in the airport did so and the men went around collecting everything. Nobody got a look at their faces because they were wearing duck masks and they made sure to keep them on. Lucky for us they did. Thankfully, nobody was hurt however, the men got away and there still is no trace of them to this day.

Katelyn Bowyer
Katelyn Bowyer is senior who joined the Blue Ridge community her ninth grade year. She is the treasurer of the National Honor Society. Katelyn also participates in other clubs and activities. She hopes to attend college to become an Anesthesiologist.

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