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By: Chase Cosgrove/ Junior Writer

I walk down the path 

Covered in rocks and gravel

The air is daft

And the trees start to unravel


The sky is cloudy

The sun is bright

I put on my hoodie

To look up at the sunny delight


The grass soft and green

The plants so elegant and blue

The beautiful picturesque scene 

The bushes I walk through


To a waterfall smashing down

With a soft rainbow tint

Circling around

Leaving a fluorescent hint


As I end my journey

My mind comes to a close

I lose my need to worry

There’s nothing left I could oppose

Chase Cosgrove
Chase Cosgrove is a 16 year old junior who is interested in getting a bachelor's, and tefl so he can start teaching abroad. He is also interested in reading, video games, and works at subway outside of school to get some money.

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