Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel
Title: two persons in forest with thick fog Photo Credit: Xin @s1n

By: Ryan Mills/Junior Writer

Once upon a time, there was a young woman frolicking through the forest. She was searching for apples to eat for lunch. The lady came across another middle-aged woman having trouble finding something. She walked up to the other woman and asks “Why hello, what troubles you so?” 

The troubled woman replied “Oh why I can’t find my basket of apples anywhere!” 

“Why it’s right by your feet.” The lady grabed the basket and handed it to the troubled woman. 

“Why thank you. You see I just can’t see very well. Here, for your troubles.” The troubled woman grabbed an apple from her coat and gave the lady an apple. The young woman was curious as to why the middle-aged woman had an apple in her coat when she had so many in her basket but didn’t care to say anything. 

The young woman asked her as she went to take a bite of the apple “So what is your name?” 

The woman replied “My name is Liprenza.” 

Just after she said that, the young woman started to feel awful and fell to the ground. She could no longer see anything and felt a rush of power run through her body. She asked the middle-aged woman, “What is happening to me?” 

“I miss my young self so I chose to switch with your body, I am a witch that spelled the apple into switching my body with whoever ate the apple.” 

Just like that, Liprenza ran off in her new and young body. The young woman was now a newly transformed witch and was enraged with being inside Liprenza’s body and let out a burst of light that killed all the leaves on the trees near her. 

Many years later, there was a family that couldn’t support everyone due to the great famine over the land that they could barely get any bread. The stepmother argues to the woodcutter that they must abandon their two children to survive. The woodcutter doesn’t want to but the stepmother forces him to. The woodcutter tells the kids what is happening but tells them he has a plan. 

The next morning, the woodcutter took Hansel and Gretel out into the forest. Before they left, the woodcutter gave Hansel some bread and told him, “Here, take this and drop a piece of it every so often so you can find your way back home.” 

Hansel followed his father’s orders and did exactly that. When they got far enough the woodcutter said goodbye to his children and vanished. 

Gretel broke down into tears crying, “We are as good as dead, no one even wants us anymore!” 

Hansel came over to comfort and Gretel and said “Don’t worry, dad gave me some bread to make a path for us. See?” When Hansel turned around, he saw a flock of birds eating the bread that he dropped to the ground. “This can’t be happening! We were supposed to get home!” Both the children started bawling and didn’t know what to do. 

A couple hours passed, Hansel and Gretel were determined to find a way home. “Come on Gretel, we are going to find our way back home.” 

Gretel grabs Hansel’s hand and the two went searching wanderlessly. As they walked a couple miles, they came across a flattering smell. “Do you smell that Hansel?” asked Gretel.

 “It smells like cinnamon!” Hansel replied. They looked over towards the smell and they saw a real life gingerbread house. Hansel and Gretel rushed over towards the house as both of them were starving. They started tearing apart the house by eating the gingerbread roof and cake-like windows. 

As they were eating, a woman came out from the house. “Oh you poor children, you must be starving! Here, come inside and I can cook something up for you guys” said the woman. 

She brought the children into the house and had them sit down onto two chairs and when they both settled, she cast a spell. “Portonis!” she exclaimed as the chairs started to wrap around Hansel and Gretel’s bodies. The were trapped. 

“What is this for?” Gretel asked. 

“Oh well this is for dinner, I’m going to cook both of you!” the woman informed. 

The children started crying and gave up struggling. “This would’ve never happened if it wasn’t for Liprenza!” Hansel yelled. “What did you just say?” asked the woman. 

“I said this wouldn’t have ever happened if it wasn’t for Liprenza, our evil stepmother!” Hansel repeated.

 The woman hadn’t heard that name in many years, but she remembered that exact name from the witch that turned her. “Liprenza is your stepmother?” the woman asked. 

“Yes, she convinced our father to abandon us and leave us for dead!” exclaimed Gretel. 

“She’s the one who turned me,” said the woman. She told the children her story about how she was turned into a blind witch from their evil stepmother and even came up with a plan to destroy her and get her life back. “So I’ll let you two go but we need to track down Liprenza and give her an apple to eat that will be spelled to switch our bodies again and my body will be in the oven for you Hansel to turn on once we switch and we will burn her alive.” said the woman. 

The children loved this idea because it meant they were free and could get home. “But we don’t know how to find our home.” Gretel exclaimed. 

“Yes, but I can find out how. Do either of you have something from your house?” asked the woman. 

“I do.” Hansel answered as he handed the woman a photo of their family. 

“I can use a locator spell on a map to show us where your house is using this photo,” the woman told the children. The woman set the photo on her map and cast her spell. “Obvatious!” she exclaimed as a fire lit on the map and showed a path to their house. The problem was that the woman didn’t know how to cast a spell for the apple to switch bodies. “Have either of you heard Liprenza say any strange words around you?” the woman asked. 

“She always sings this song that goes, ‘I love my body and all I needed was to say Quartavious’ and I never understood it,” said Hansel. The woman grabbed an apple and tried it. “Quartavious!” she exclaimed. The woman started to feel a tingling feeling rush from her body into the apple. “I think it worked. Now Gretel, I need you to follow the map and give this apple to Liprenza. Make sure that she eats it. As for you Hansel, I will need you to stay here and once you start hearing noises coming from me, turn the oven on where I will be laying and burn my body.” She untied the children. Gretel grabbed the map and the apple as she ran out of the house to go find Liprenza. Hansel helped the woman get into the oven. 

Gretel was running as fast as she possibly could and she finally got back to her house. She was so happy to be home. “Father!” she screamed. 

The woodcutter sprinted out of the house. “Gretel!” he screamed with joy as he went to embrace her. The two were so happy to see each other. But as they were hugging, the stepmother burst out the door in a rage. 

“You were not supposed to return!” the stepmother exclaimed. 

“I’m sorry, but I have brought you an apple for your hunger.” answered Gretel as she handed the stepmother the apple. 

The stepmother took her offering and bit into the apple. The stepmother started to lose feelings in her body as they were transported into the apple. “What is happening to me?” the stepmother cried. Just then, her body collapsed to the floor. Her eyes started to open. 

“Liprenza?” Gretel asked. “No, she’s gone forever,” the woman answered as she went to hug Gretel. “Quickly now, we must head back to get Hansel,” the woman commanded as her, Gretel, and the woodcutter ran back to the gingerbread house.

Hansel was waiting patiently, hoping that the spell would work. He started hearing a rumbling noise coming from the oven. “Help! Where am I?” the woman cried. Hansel figured that this was his time, but he wanted to make sure. “Liprenza?” he asked. 

“Yes, who is this?” she yelled. At that moment Hansel grasped the oven switch and turned the oven on all the way. He saw the flames come from the oven and heard Liprenza’s cries. “Help me! Help me!” she screamed. But Hansel knew better, he ran out of the house, trying to find cover. “Boom!” that’s all he could hear. Hansel looked over from the boulder he was hiding behind and only saw a huge explosion. He rested along the boulder with relief because he knew he did his job. 

“Hansel! Hansel where are you!” Gretel screamed. Hansel looked over and saw Gretel, the woman, and his dad. He got up and ran over towards his family. The woodcutter and Gretel embraced him with hugs as the woman smiled at the family’s joy. 

The woman started to walk away until Gretel yelled at her. “Wait, will you stay with us?” she asked the woman. 

Hansel stood by Gretel asking the same thing. “Yes, please stay with us!” 

She pondered for a minute but she knew her answer right away. “Of course I will!” she exclaimed. 

The children rushed over towards the woman to hug her. As that was going on, the woodcutter saw a blue glare in his vision. He walked over to some debris and picked up some jewelry. “Everyone, look at this! We’re rich!” He screamed in joy. Everyone rushed over to see and everyone danced in joy. The family knew everyone was going to turn out great and they all lived happily ever after.

Ryan Mills
Ryan Mills is a junior in high school that loves sports. This year he is playing soccer, basketball, and track. He loves watching football and weightlifting. He is a member of National Honor Society, Leo Club, Sadd, and the president of FBLA.

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