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By: Ben Bleck/Senior Writer

Once upon a time, well actually 746BC, a baby named Jonah was born. He was a prophet of God and he was told by God to travel the corrupt earth and spread his good word to all the people on earth. God put Jonah on the earth to help fix the sin of the world. The worst city of all the land was Nineveh, it was like the Syria of the past. Nobody wanted to go there to vacation, in fact, it wasn’t very safe at all. In Nineveh, everyone worshipped an idol named Ashur and they did human sacrifices with anyone who worshiped God. This was a wicked land and Nineveh was the worst of all the places in the world .

 So Jonah ran away from God and on his run he got on a cruise boat to travel across the world to North America. Although the ticket was very expensive and North America was a long way away Joahna believed it was a place that God would never find him. The boat was huge and very expensive. Jonah used all of his money and got the biggest room with all the features. He was traveling on Royal Caribbean, the boat that never sinks. 

Well, like the Titanic, it sunk.Not because of an iceberg, but rather because God made a huge storm take them off track of their course. Now instead of going to North America, they were headed right toward Greenland. As they got closer and closer to Greenland, the party continued on the five star cruise ship. It continued until the boat hit a rock which threw Jonah over the edge of the boat. He floated in the freezing water for hours and hours thinking that he was going to die. 

 Since it was a Royal Carribean cruise boat, a tropical storm came in and made the water really warm, maybe too warm for Jonah to handle. Super dolphins came to the warm water of this storm and all kinds of sea creatures came as well. Jonah swam for hours and just before he was about to drown of exhaustion, he grabbed onto a dolphin so he could ride it to land. Like a giant lare he cut through the water when his shiny belt buckle caught the eye of a passing whale. As Jonah was traveling to land on a dolphin fin, a whale ate the dolphin and Jonah went down into the whale’s stomach.

 Since whales do not chew what they eat, Jonah was living in the whale’s stomach for three days and 3 nights until God thought he had enough. Jonah was finally thrown back up on the shore of Nineveh.. Jonah did not want to meet with the people of Nineveh, but he figured that if God can send a whale to straighten him out, what could he do to protect him from a bunch of idol worshiping, human sacrificing bullies.  So, Jonah walked right into the city of Nineveh with God by his side. Johna’s message to Nineveh was to put aside their evil ways. The people of Nineveh clearly didn’t like to hear Johna’s message, and they got together to take Jonah down. Jonah told the people that if they didn’t listen to his message God would light them on fire. The people laughed at Jonah and instead took him down to the square and tied him to a pole. They were humiliating him in the square of one of the biggest cities at that time. 

Although Jonah did not like this, and nobody would, he knew God was by his side. That night the city got quiet and Jonah escaped form, the city in the dark. He climbed the highest mountain around and planned to watch the city burn in the morning. The people of Nineveh did not listen to his message and Jonah knew it. So as he lay there and watched the day continue. Jonah wondered if the people really did change their evil ways. After the day turned to dawn Jonah was ready to leave and go back home. He thought he did what God wanted and he must have saved the city. As soon as Jonah was ready to leave the entire city of Nineveh got lit up like roman candles in the dark. The city burned and burned and the people of Nineveh did not escape the flames for they thought their God was bigger than the truth.  

Ben Bleck
Ben Bleck is a senior at Blue Ridge high school, he plays three variety sports volleyball, basketball, and soccer. He is planning to attended Liberty University.

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