By: Kaylyn LewisSenior writer

Everything stopped, people stood like statues all around me, people in cars, men on bicycles, babies in strollers, all lifeless frozen in time. I wonder how I had gotten here. Was I frozen too? There I was in the middle of the busy street in New York City. I felt lifeless, everything around me felt like that too. I wanted to move but it felt like I couldn’t. Looking around, everything was still frozen, even the snowflakes in the air. For once, I had actually enjoyed something, the silence. Not a sound was heard, no movement, just peace. It might have been selfish of me, but I wished it had lasted a bit longer. I began to analyze the snowflakes in sky. The snowflake in itself just showed the beauty of mother nature. The crystal lattice, the tiny configuration, beautifully made. More beautiful than the whole world itself. I reached out to touch the snowflake, and life snapped back into reality. The snowflake disintegrated on my pointer finger as the chaos erupted once again. I could feel my face frown again as cars honked past me, wishing I could be that snowflake on my finger.

Kaylyn Lewis
Kaylyn Lewis is a senior at Blue Ridge High School. She is involved with the varsity volleyball team as well as basketball and softball. Being a 3-year member of the National Honor Society, she works hard juggling sports and schoolwork. She plans on attending Binghamton University studying Pre-Health to become an athletic trainer.

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