Living In A Pandemic

Living In A Pandemic

By: Kaylyn Lewis/ Senior writer

Always having to wear a mask,

Because we don’t want it to spread.

Coronavirus that began in China,

Deeply impacted the normal lives of Americans.

Even though it has been over a year,

Fear is still all around us.

Government struggling to keep everything under control,

House of Representatives passing a Stimulus bill.

Infected patients trying to survive,

Jobs becoming hard to find, becoming laid off.

Killed 361,000 Americans nationwide,

Loved ones that haven’t been seen in months,

Many are experiencing symptoms.

News stations getting updates every few hours,

Obnoxious amounts of cases each day.

People risking getting exposed,

Quarantining in your home for 2 weeks.

Recession to help the economy,

States shutting down when cases spike.

Temperature checks everywhere you go.

Ugh, school got closed down again.

Vaccination being released to the public,

Who is willing to get it?

X generation, the most prepared for anything,

Yet, no one will know when this will all be over.

Zoom meetings for all!

Kaylyn Lewis
Kaylyn Lewis is a senior at Blue Ridge High School. She is involved with the varsity volleyball team as well as basketball and softball. Being a 3-year member of the National Honor Society, she works hard juggling sports and schoolwork. She plans on attending Binghamton University studying Pre-Health to become an athletic trainer.

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