My Son

My Son
Photo Credit: Lance Grandahl

By: Andrew Scott/Junior Writer

My car is crashed,

My bike is broken.

My scooter sucked and

My feet were fragile.


It’s fine though, for I have a son,

That I would provide for without worry.

I get up each day to get a living

So my son can soon go to college.


I must move on

Because I can’t imagine

Doing what my dad did to me


Parents are here to provide

There’s just no need to justify

We live in a time where times are tough

But my son will not know what happens when I’m not home


My car is crashed

My bike is broken

But I get where I’m going

Because I don’t know any different



Please note: The author of this poem is Andrew Scott. Check out some of his other pieces here!


Madison Welsted
Madison will be a young graduate at 17, but she is looking forward to finishing her senior year of high school. In the future, she plans to earn her master's degree in a major related to psychology, as she aspires to become a one-on-one counselor. She works at Subway and babysits to help save money. In her free time, she likes to read, write, and talk to people, so journalism is a topic of interest to her for sure.

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