New Adventures

New Adventures
Title: Traffic on Lakeshore Drive Photo Credit: Jake Blucker @jakeblucker

By: Kaitlin White/Junior Writer

Caroline has never been to Los Angeles before, but she has packed up everything she has in one suitcase, and is moving there. Now you may be thinking, what kind of crazy person moves somewhere they have never been? Well, she is, and she isn’t going to regret it. Caroline has always been the outgoing type; she always acts on her impulses, and moving is one of the many. She got on the bus and prepared for the eight hour drive. Eight hours pass, and she finds herself in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. She finds herself in awe of the beautiful sight in front of her. The bus comes to a screeching halt and Caroline walks off the bus. She looks around and sees all of the amazing opportunities she can choose from. However, she also notices that the sun is going down and that she has no place to go. She mutters under her breathe, “I may be a little over my head with this one.”

Katie White
Kaitlin White is a junior and is in her first year of creative writing. She keeps herself entertained with softball and spending quality time with her friends and family. She is also an active member in the National Honor Society at Blue Ridge. She hopes to go to college after high school and to earn her degree in marketing.

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