Oliver Ever After

Oliver Ever After

By: Tori Auckand/Senior Writer

Once upon a time there was a kingdom far past the happily ever after land. The kingdom that only hopes to be a part of that land, will only ever get a glimpse of it, The Keeper Kingdom. They don’t get to experience the love, the adventure, or the happily ever after. Instead they spend all of their days reading about it. Inside of the Keeper Kingdom are the bookkeepers. They sit and read the happily ever after stories day in and day out. You know, the ones that you read about as a little kid, Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and Beauty and the Beast, just to name a few. The bookkeepers read those stories everyday to make sure that nothing in the stories change, for if the books change they become the new reality of that story character. So everyday they read and look over these books, they read about other people’s adventures that they themselves will never get to experience. They have the fate of these characters in their own hands.

Oliver. He was a dreamer, the head of all the bookkeepers. He was in the same job for 30 years, and he could tell you every single fairytale story just by memory alone. Oliver never found love because it was forbidden in the Keeper Kingdom, they were only allowed to have one single focus and that was to read. He used to love reading about the adventures that other people had. Oliver especially liked the sword fighting scenes to win over the fair maiden’s heart. He used to act them out using sticks as swords; he wasn’t like anyone else in the Keeper Kingdom. However, as time passed, Oliver started to get angry. He was sick and tired of reading the same stories, that have the same plot line, that all end in Happily Ever After. 

“When do I get my happy ending?” he constantly thought to himself.

As the days passed by Oliver’s anger only grew for the story characters. Things were never going to be as good for him as they were for other people in the Happily Ever After Kingdom. His hatred only kept growing, until he couldn’t take it anymore. If he couldn’t be happy, then no one else should get to be either. He ran to the library and took the story that made him the most angry, “The Little Mermaid.” She gave up a great life and got a great life. Ariel had everything she ever wanted. Before Oliver came to the realization that what he was doing was wrong, he started to change the story. He started to change Ariel’s destiny. 

“I’m starving,” Ariel cried out to her father, “We haven’t had anything to eat in ages!”

“If you did your job better than we wouldn’t have this problem, what kind of stupid siren are you?! You are so ugly that you can’t lure any men in to bring them onto our dinner table!¨

Ariel was a siren. A sea monster. An ugly one to say the least. When she tried to lure men to their death they just ran away screaming instead. She was always hungry and she failed miserably at her job. She was sick and tired of it. She wanted more, more to eat, more in life, more men. So she did as any other sea monster would do. So Ariel…

“BAM!” Oliver heard a loud bang in the room next to him. He stopped the story where it was. Just then the door opened to the library. It was Bently. 

  “Oh, sorry Oliver, I didn’t know you were here. I was just coming to switch shifts with you.”

Once Bently moved close to Oliver, he saw what Oliver had done. Bently stood there in fear, because he knew that something bad was going to happen. Oliver panicked he didn’t know what to do. If Bently decided to tell anyone about this, then Oliver would have been killed on the spot. So he did the first thing that he thought of. He punched Bently with such force that it knocked him out. Oliver stood over Bently’s body. He didn’t want to kill him, but he feared that Bently would turn him in. So Oliver tied Bently up and locked him in a closet. Bently’s shift was supposed to last only a couple of hours. So Oliver had that much time to finish the story and run off. He ran home to his house and started to ruin the rest of Ariel’s life. 

So Ariel decided to make a deal with the seaweed queen, Ursula. 

“I need to become a beautiful human, so that I can make men fall in love with me on earth, then it will be easier to lure them into the sea.” 

Ursula grinned with an evil smile, “Perfect, all you have to do is never fall in love with the men you are going to lure, getting to know them is different then just killing them.”

“Whatever,” Ariel replied, “love isn’t real anyway, just make me irresistible”  

As she finished saying those words the queen turned her into a human. Ariel blacked out and woke up on the land. Standing over her was a handsome man. She felt very threatened at the way that he looked into at her. 

“You are very beautiful.” said the man as he helped Ariel off of the ground. 

Ariel smiled and looked deeply into his eyes as she was trying to figure out his deepest desires in life.

  “Eric,” he said, “thats my name.”

“Ariel,” She replied.

Ariel knew what was going to happen next. They were going to “fall in love” making it that much easier to kill him in the end. 

Oliver decided to take a break. He needed to check the news to see if anyone had found Bently yet, more importantly he needed to know if his life was in danger. As soon as he turned on the news his stomach turned over. 

“Bently James was found by a fellow bookkeeper. He was found dead by Coral Rose on Monday the 15th at 5:35. The cause of death is clearly a blunt force object to the head. It was swift and clean, the killer has not yet been found, but our police are investigating and have a couple of…”

Oliver turned it off before he heard anything else. Fear filled his heart. He killed one of his co-workers. He was a murderer, all because he couldn’t find happiness in his own life. Oliver thought hard about what to do next, if they would suspect him, and how close the cops could be. Then it dawned on him. This is who he wanted to become. He wanted to ruin other people’s happiness. Maybe this was who he was destined to become. Maybe this is the true Oliver. He gave an evil grin and decided that he had some time left before the cops were at his door. So he kept ruining lives one by one.

Eric and Ariel spent many days together. Having picnics, going to balls, having dinners together, everything was working out the way the Ariel had planned. Eric was falling deeply in love with her. Yet Ariel was developing feelings for him. She knew that if Ursuala figured this out then Ariel would be killed for not following through with the plan, so she hid her feelings from him the best that she could. One day they were taking a long walk on the beach. 

“Ariel, I can’t handle it anymore. I am truly in love with you.”

Ariel was terrified about what was going to come next. She didn’t want to do this anymore. She loved Eric and wanted this to be her happily ever after. Before she knew what was going to happen next, he got down on one knee.

“Will you marry me?”

Ariel thought quickly about what to say, she followed her heart and before she knew any better she murmured, “yes!”

Eric was so happy, his face lit up. He embraced her in his arms and she felt happy. The sort of happy that she hadn’t felt in a very long time. Ariel grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. 

“I love you too.”

“We have to go share the news,” Eric said

Ariel forced a smile onto her face and said, “Go ahead and I will catch up with you.”

Eric ran away screaming with joy. Ariel giggled at his personality and looked out into the sea, her home. Just then Ursula came out from the ocean. 

“Hello my dear,” Ursula’s voice sent shivers down Ariel’s spine. 

“What do you want?”

“You know what will happen if you marry him right? You will die.” Then Ursula let out an evil laugh and disappeared as quickly as she came. 

Ariel stood there completely broken, she loved Eric, but she cherished her life even more than his. She knew what she had to do, and she was going to follow through with it. Ariel went to Eric. She saw him walking through the streets.

“I’m engaged to the most amazing girl in the world,” He screamed at the top of his lungs. 

Ariel smiled and wrinkled her nose, “Eric, I want to go across the sea to find the best dressmaker in the world, I want to take your breathe away on our wedding day.”

“Anything for you my dear,” He replied

“Bang Bang! It’s the cops! Open up the door Oliver we know what you did!” 

Oliver started to panic. This was it, there was nothing else he could do. They knew that he took Bently’s life and he couldn’t deny it. The only thing that he had left to regret was the fact that he never finished Ariel’s story, and like he was ever going to give that up. This was his destiny. What the cops didn’t know was that Oliver had secret tunnels running under his house. He started digging them when he wanted to be happy. He was trying to get to the Happy Ever After Kingdom. Where he was going to start his own fairytale. Oliver grabbed the book, pulled up the floorboards, and hopped down into his tunnel.

“Let us in or we will let ourselves in,” Oliver heard the cops yell.

Just then Oliver heard his door crack down and heard feet running over top of him.

“Clear, clear, clear, he isn’t home, let’s keep looking. Move out team!”

Oliver smiled in satisfaction and decided that he would continue the story in his tunnel before he decided what he was going to do next.

Ariel and Eric decided to board a ship to Europe. That had to be the best place to get a dress. The happy couple got on board and set sail. 

“I love you Ariel, you make me so happy, and I will love you for the rest of my life.

“I love you too, Eric.” Ariel said

A couple of hours into their journey, they were in the middle of the ocean and it started to storm. The waves came above the boat and the lighting threatened to break up the ship. Ariel went to the top deck to see if she could help out the crew in any way that she could, after all she was familiar with the ways of the sea. As the water was pouring down and the wind was rushing fast she lost her footing and fell right into the sea. As soon as she hit the water her tail returned and she was a siren again. She held the same appearance that Urusla gave her, which means she was irresistible to men, and Eric would remember who she was. 

“Eric! Eric help me!,” Ariel yelled from the sea below

Eric searched the water frantically for the love of his life, but through the pouring rain he couldn’t see a thing. He feared that he had lost Ariel forever, but then he caught her out of the corner of her eye. Without any hesitation he jumped into the raging sea to save her. Just as he reached her she gave him an evil smile.

“I’m sorry, but I love me more”

“What are you talking about?” Eric yelled through the noise.

Ariel grabbed his ankle and dragged him under the water. Eric struggled to break free from the grasps of the siren that was leading him to his death, but he didn’t succeed. Ariel had killed the only man that had ever loved her and ate him for dinner. The worst part was that she never regretted any of it. Now Ariel spends her days under the sea waiting for the next man to come along.

Oliver shut the book and smiled in satisfaction. He had finished the story, and ruined Ariels life. He felt completely satisfied with the way that his new life was starting. Oliver started his new plan. He was going to dig his way underneath the library where all of the fairytales were hidden and he was going to change every story until he ruined everyones. Then after that he was going to the Happily Ever After Kingdom to get his fairytale ending, because fairy dust and true love can’t fix everything.

Tori Auckland
Tori Auckland is a first year journalism student. She is a senior and loves spending time with kids and writing creative stories. After high school, she wants to attend Cairn University and major in Early Childhood Education. Tori yearns to travel around the world to use her major in missionary work.

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