Red Snow

Red Snow
Title: Bloodbath Halloween project Photo Credit: Pawel Czerwinski @pawel_czerwinski

By: Carissa Zawiski/Junior Writer


  • Background


Long ago, there was a Kingdom. The Kingdom was known to be “The Happily Ever After Kingdom” where everyone was happy. The rulers were: King Whiteney, Queen Whiteney, and soon to be Queen, their daughter, who was called Snow White. When Snow was just a little girl her mother became very ill and soon died. After years passed, the King remarried Queen Grimhilde, and eventually the new queen became known as a vain Queen. She wanted the Kingdom all to herself, and she wouldn’t let anything get in the way of that. At the age of fourteen there was an “attack” on their Kingdom and unfortunately the King didn’t make it. There were people running for their lives, and there was blood spread all around. Snow started running as far away as she possibly could. She was soon found hiding in the woods, and the guards took her back to the kingdom, and put her in the highest room in the castle. And there she was, held captive for years, with no way out.


  • Four years later


Since the attack four years ago, the Kingdom full of people struggled to find a way to survive. Living off of scraps, and poor living conditions, the people wanted a better life than this. One by one people were fleeing away from their Kingdom and going through the woods to find a better home. If the Queen knew about this, she would have made them regret it. Everyone left quietly, in the middle of the night, so the guards wouldn’t notice.

“Guards!” the Queen shouted, “It is time for my drink, bring it to me.” she said to them. 

Nodding back and heading up to the highest room in the castle, the guards did as they were told. Her daily “drink” wasn’t just a normal drink, it was much more than that.

“It’s time Snow, we could either do this the hard way, or nice way.” one of the guards said with an unhappy voice to Snow. 

Without looking up from the floor where Snow was laying down, she raised her arm up and gave them her finger. It’s the same thing everyday. Every day the guards prick her finger and take 3 drops of blood. Sometimes Snow puts up a fight, and other times she just gives up. It’s not like pricking her finger hurts her bad, but she knows where her blood is going, and that’s exactly why she is held captive. In order for the Evil Queen to remain the age she is, with all her beauty, she must drink from the blood of a princess. Once a day, everyday, she must drink exactly 3 drops of blood. If she doesn’t then she will start ageing to the age she is supposed to be, and eventually she will die.

After the guards left, Snow just laid there still. With one tear rolling down her cheek, she didn’t know how to escape this horrible life she had been living for four years. Watching those poor people suffer through her window made Snow’s heart sick, she couldn’t give up. She had to keep going for the people, in the hope that one day she might be leader.

The guards handed the Queen her daily drink, and she drank it like she would everyday. Her cheeks looked baby soft, and there were no wrinkles on her forehead. The Queen felt as though she did everyday after she drank Snow’s blood. She felt beautiful, like she was the fairest of all the women in the land. She turned to the gigantic golden mirror on the wall and asked the simple question with much confidence. 

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” a deep voice began to speak, but the voice had no face. It was almost like there was an invisible mask speaking through the mirror.

“Queen Grimhilde, the fairest of them all is Snow White. Her beauty is exquisite, and unlike any other.” He finished answering her question. 

The Queen’s face began to become fiery red. She became very angry very fast and started yelling as loud as she possibly could.

“Guards! Come now!” the Queen ordered very strongly. “That’s enough, I am going to create a spell where I don’t have to drink Snow’s blood everyday. I will only have to drink it once so I permanently remain the age I am.” 

With the guards being a little confused, they went along with what the Queen told them to do. In order to cast the spell they must find a brick of gold, a certain herb called vervain, and lastly, Snow must be sacrificed and her body completely drained of blood. 

The guards began to prepare for the spell the Evil Queen created, Snow started planning her escape. She took two of her thin blankets and tied them together to create a rope. She can use it for defense the next time the guards come up. She set herself up along the side of the door waiting and waiting for them to come. After hours passed she finally heard footsteps coming up the stairs. 

As the door began to open and the guard walks in Snow quickly jumps on him from behind. She takes her rope and strongly grips it around his neck, in hope that he will be unable to breathe. Keeping that position she starts to tighten her grip more and more until he falls onto his knees. When he fell she took his helmet off, grabbed his head, and smashed his head onto the hardwood floor as hard as she could. 

“Oh my gosh, did I just kill him?” Snow said to herself with fear in her eyes.

She had never done such a thing. But after being torchered for years by the guards, he had that coming.

Snow grabbed his dagger from his pocket, along with keys to be able to get into rooms she wasn’t allowed into. She started walking slowly downstairs and she saw herself in a mirror in the hallway.

“Wow my hair is that long! This could be a problem..” Snow said to herself quietly. 

She walked into a guest bedroom and grabbed a new pair of clothes, along with scissors to cut her hair. Inch by inch, long pieces of her hair fell to the floor. Her long dark brown hair was now to her shoulders, and her hair could finally be brushed out. It’s important that the guards don’t recognize her, so new clothes and new hair will help her to look normal again.

She left the room quietly and overheard the guards talking about the Evil Queen’s plan. Snow’s face began to be filled with fear, as she stood there listening to them talk. 

“I have to get out now!” she said to herself bolting to the back door in the kitchen.

She grabbed a basket and quickly filled it up with all sorts of fruit and bread for her to eat along the way, and just before she opened the door alarms went off through the entire castle. 

“Guards find her now! Huntsman if the guards don’t find her you will, and bring her to me.” the Evil Queen’s voice was so loud it could be heard through the whole castle.

Snow new that the guards were looking for her, along with a Huntsman. She opened the door and ran until she couldn’t see the castle anymore.


  • Couple Days Later


After running for a couple of days Snow came across a small cottage in the middle of the woods. Opening the door quietly, she let herself in and noticed that whoever was living there was sloppy and lived in such a mess. She started to clean up so that maybe whoever lived there would be kind enough to let her stay there too.

“Open up!” A loud voice that sounded like a man came from outside.

Immediately Snow let him in. He had long dirty blonde hair and was definitely a hunter, no doubt. He was very strong and muscular. Snow seemed to be fascinated by his looks, though he was definitely not a prince.

“What are you doing in my home?” he said to her very sternly.

 “I needed a place to stay.. I’m sorry I have been running for days and I saw the cottage and I just helped myself, and then it was a mess, so I decided to clean it… so actually you should be thanking me because your place looked awful and I made it look nice.” Snow kept mumbling back to him nervously.

He started laughing a lot, and she just stared at him confused. 

“Why are you laughing?” she asked him very serious.

 “Because I was just kidding, there’s no need to be frightened, my name is Archie.” he said to her smiling, and shook her hand.

“My name is Ss.. none of your business,”  she said back to him with a smirk and shaking his hand. Afterall, if he knew she was the princess he could report her to the Queen.

She told him that she was in much danger and needed help by staying safe and he agreed to help her as long as she kept his cottage clean.

After a couple of days, the two of them grew to really like each other. She was alone for years held captive with no one to talk to, and he was living alone in the woods. It was nice for both of them to have someone to talk too. 

“Do you hear that?” She said to Archie being a little concerned.

 “Hear what?” they both stopped and listened to a crowd of guards storming their way.

Quickly, and without hesitation, Archie grabbed a bag of food, and his bow and arrow to have with him on the run. He bolted out the door. 

It had been a couple of minutes, and it was complete silence. Snow decided to look out the door to see what was happening.


Slowly, waking up from being out for a long time, Snow opened her eyes and felt very dazed, and weak. She started to look around to find Archie, and she saw him knocked out laying on the snow. 

“Archie no! Wake up!” she screamed.

When she tried to move to go help him she couldn’t, she finally realized she was tied to a wooden pool, being drained of her blood. 

“Well well, how far you have run. Did you miss me? because I certainly missed you.” the Evil Queen whispered into snow’s ear.

Snow was on edge, to weak to move getting close to twenty minutes of her blood being drained in the bucket.

“ Look at me Snow.. an old hag! I never thought it would come to this point but, I think it’s time.” she teased her.

Snow knew exactly what she was talking about. She was going to drain her entire body of blood. 

She tried to lunge, she tried to fight back with every last ounce of strength she had tried to go after the queen. Sadly, it wasn’t enough. When out of nowhere archie had bolted up. 

“No, leave Snow alone take me.” he screamed.

Snow was confused “ He knows my name?, He knew who I was all along?” she thought to herself.

“Stop! Archie she will get you, stop!” Snow pleaded to him.

Archie didn’t listen to Snow and he ran right past the Queen, knocking her over into the snow. He cut her loose and wrapped his shirt around the wound to stop her bleeding. As soon as she sat down with Archie ready to take Snow and run, the Evil Queen stood up grabbed the dagger. She started running right to the Princess and Huntsman.

“Lookout!” Snow screamed.

 Before Archie could turn around the Evil Queen stabbed him right in the chest.  He fell down into the snow. The Evil Queen laughed, she felt as if she had defeated them.

“That is what you get for betraying me Archie, you were supposed to kill Snow and bring her to me remember?” the Evil Queen said with an evil laugh.

Snow figured out that he was the Huntsman that was supposed to bring her to the queen, but instead he kept her safe. She had such a rage, she was so weak but the anger towards the Evil Queen had just took over her. She grabbed the dagger right out of Archies chest and with all of her strength stabbed the queen. She had no blood of the princess left in her. She had dropped to the ice cold snow and had died, almost instantly.

She reached down to Archie, he was almost gone but he looked at Snow. 

“Snow, I knew it was you all along. You have no idea how good of a queen to your people you are going to be. Don’t ever forget that”.  Archie tried to say to Snow.

“Thank you for saving me, and being my friend, I love you!” she cried.

There was nothing she could do, he was gone. She will never forget him, ever.


  • Multiple Days Later


 After many days Snow had taken over as Queen. Over time, she fixed everything the Evil Queen had done to her Kingdom. Snow’s beloved Kingdom finally became known as “The Happily Ever After Kingdom” like before. I guess some would say they lived happily ever after, but only for a little while…

Carissa Zawiski
Carissa Zawiski is a junior in her second year of journalism. She keeps herself entertained with cheerleading and by spending time with friends and family. She hopes to attend college after high school and get a degree in teaching. She sees teaching as something she would love to do, and wants to help others understand how important education is their lives.

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