The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End
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By Junior Writer, Dylan McGee

The private jet holds several of a REDACTED company’s elite. In secret, they are communicating on board, while traversing to the last safe spot available to them. Their situation is not good, not good at all, but for now, they are still alive. 

“We must stay calm, we must keep focused, arguing will make us no better than those below us,” says one elite. 

“Indeed, we should keep cool, as representatives of our respective seats,” another agrees. 

The two who have spoken, Director of REDACTED  REDACTED and Vice President REDACTED  of REDACTED try to reason with the others on the flight. They don’t need this arguing right now. Everything could go up in flames, and having people as powerful as them fighting each other would only lead to absolute ruin. All they can do is bet that the others still hold common sense. 

Chen holds similar feelings in secret, as well. His full name and title cannot be said, but he is important, but not important enough based on the observations and perceptions of others to have his being redacted by the rules of mystery. Still, for the sake of life and legacy, only this man’s name can be known, and nothing more. 

“I would like to know how far away our sanctuary is?” he speaks with an American accent, yet it also holds a general hint of desperation, only accentuated by their dire situation, “Yes, I know that this is a little blunt, but I am asking because I am concerned to speak of the matter of our developments until we reach it. I know that everyone in this place holds caution over that worry as well…”

“You are as astute and kindly blunt as ever, Chen. You always know what is going on inside of our heads,” Mr. REDACTED of REDACTED replies to Chen’s sensitivity, “I believe that should be answered in three, two, one-”

The sound of a finger snap travels throughout the cabin. 

“Well, folks and blokes, this is your stewardess speaking, we will be arriving at your desired destination in a jiffy!”

What is this? they all thought.

“Such a terrible, inelegant attitude for a stewardess,” howl’s Ms. REDCATED of REDACTED REDACTED.

Unlike the haughty Missus, Chen can’t focus on such a small error as improper attitude. There were two reasons why this is the case. Firstly, it was explicitly stated that the only people set to be on this flight were a pilot, a co-pilot and well, all eight of them. Secondly, he has heard that dreadful voice before… somewhere. 

The others were recovering from their bickering, and were also likely stressed from the sudden change in their lives. Surely they have to find something strange about this! thought Chen. In short, the sense of true danger for Chen is extreme. He is about to warn his colleagues in quiet, when-

“Hello, hello, again, again. You see ladies and gents, unfortunately we’ve experienced a bump or two in our journey-”

The aircraft shakes and swerves as soon as she speaks.

He looks up, slowly, with caution, to the figure that had entered their cabin. A stewardess outfit is indeed what she has chosen to wear, but Chen begins to realize with a weighty, oceanic dread, who she is. He can see her abnormal, pale skin, her white hair, and eyes tinted yellow and red. But what truly pulls together the woman’s identity is her smile. That smile has haunted Chen since he saw it first at- (WARNING: REDACTED for the safety of digitized type H-1 monitoring personnel. Any further examination of REDACTED information will result in complete and instant termination).  It is a wide, cruel smile, predatory and animalistic, her inhuman canines on full display. 

The plane jerks without warning once again, and she utters three words, “Hold on folks.”


We have recovered 2 corpses from the plane crash in the snowy mountains of Europe.


 Status report:


Body 1: Appears to be an asian male in his thirties. Multiple broken bones, a punctured lung and cracked ribs, severe burns, and internal bleeding. 


Body 2: Sex is female. Her body parts have been found severely burned and scattered across the wreckage. From the unburned side of her head, we gathered that she is in her twenties to thirties. She appears to have albinism. What bothers me… is her teeth and her one eye. No human… no human should have fox canines and eyes like this. Anyway-


Note: A remote trigger was found near the site clasped in one of her hands. It seems logical to conclude that:


a). It was planted


b). She was responsible for the disaster. 


This is a quick assessment, more will be sent over to you ASAP. 

-An informal report from yours truly.




“Load H-1, and allow the Board Director to have direct control. The events must be observed by only him. Prepare the archives for when the tuned version is available!”


“YES, SIR!” a collective of voices rings out from the chamber. 




“With all of them dead, even the fox, the sunlight of the end is ebbing into view. I will look at what you left behind for the sake of recovering the truth, I guarantee this.”


Dylan McGee
Dylan McGee is a junior studying at Blue Ridge High School.

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