The Bet

The Bet
Title: clouds and sky Photo Credit: Stacy Marie @theimpossiblegirl

By: Garrett Conklin/Junior Writer

Can you believe it? I was minding my own business when all of a sudden… WHAM! I was hit in the head. I have no idea by what or how, but I know that I was on the ground staring at what I thought was the sky. I felt like I was ascending into heaven or something. I was clueless. I felt a wash of a cool, soothing liquid when I jumped up with water coming out of my nose. I looked around to see a small man say,

¨I told you he was still alive!¨

Another small man scowls and then gives the man a 10 dollar bill.

Garrett Conklin
Garrett Conklin is a junior and in his first year of Creative Writing. He keeps himself entertained by playing sports such as soccer and volleyball. After high school, he plans to attend a four year college to obtain his undergrad, but is undetermined where to go and what to do after that.

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