The Betrayal

The Betrayal

By: Caiden George/ Senior Writer

When frank got out of jail, the first thing he wanted to do was kill his best friend for putting him in jail. It was still dark out when they let frank out. When he got out his uncle was waiting to pick him up in his old convertible. They got in the car together and were on there way home. When they arrived there his whole family were their to welcome him home. After the party Frank went to go get his gun from his uncle’s cabinet. Then he went on his way towards his friends Johnny’s house. Just getting out of jail frank didn’t have a license but that didn’t stop him. He put the rifle into the back of the car and was headed off. He arrived without getting pulled over from the few beers that he had at the party. He reached into the back of the car and grabbed the rifle. He made his way into the backyard and made his way through the back door and into the house. When he got into the house he could see that Johnny’s wife was on the couch passed out cold, and that there was a light coming from upstairs. He slowly made his way up into the master bedroom to go kill Johnny, when he heard a voice behind him say “Hello Frank”.

Caiden George
Caiden George is a senior in high school, and is doing his first creative writing class. He also juggles varsity sports outside school such as Soccer and Track. He's also a very energetic kid and very friendly, unless he doesn't get his coffee.

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