The Final Piece

The Final Piece
By @lavictorie on

By: Junior Writer, Dylan McGee 

Looking up at the sky, the rain pouring down my face, I realized that I forgot one last piece. It was a crucial piece, a piece that would make make or break my life. Through the harsh droplets, I traversed, washing away what I needed washed away. Red. As nature took its course, I took mine with a biting jog, sharp and harsh. My clothes and backpack, though empty, were bogging me down. It mattered not, they would soon be gone. In the distance, I saw my house, where the trees grow thinner and dotted the land, rather than crowd it. Thank God for the light left. Damn, the rain stopped. It’s okay, though. I enter through the back of my house, and retrieve what I need. It would have been *great* to have help, but it’s really okay. I check to make sure no one is really in the house, and leave. I headed to where I had before- the junkyard. There, I opened my back, and stored the last item, the foot, in the old,  formerly unused refrigerator.

Dylan McGee
Dylan McGee is a junior studying at Blue Ridge High School.

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