The Haunted Carnival

The Haunted Carnival
Title: Venice Carnival Photo Credit: Livia Chauar @chauar

By: Ryan Mills/Junior Writer

He woke up to the taste of toothpaste and lipstick. He didn’t know where he was or what happened to him. It was very dark everywhere. He opened up a curtain and was blinded by a gleam of light from the bright, full moon. There were roller coasters, mini games, and prizes everywhere. But, the roller coasters were broken down, the mini games were destroyed, and the prizes were torn apart. It seemed as though he was at an abandoned carnival. He found a mirror in a tent and it looked as though he was dressed as a clown! At that very moment, he heard the footsteps of a person running and saw a figure in the distance. To be continued…

Ryan Mills
Ryan Mills is a junior in high school that loves sports. This year he is playing soccer, basketball, and track. He loves watching football and weightlifting. He is a member of National Honor Society, Leo Club, Sadd, and the president of FBLA.

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