The Letter

The Letter
Title: Fountain pen on stationery Photo Credit: Alvaro Serrano @alvaroserrano

Written By: Carissa Zawiski/Junior Writer

“Duck.. Duck.. Goose!” The strange man pointed his bat towards me. I froze in fear knowing what was going to come next. I felt my cheeks turn red, and my body fill with goose bumps… this couldn’t be how I was going to die.

With the amount of people in this room, there was a 1/20 chance it would’ve landed on me, but it did. I have been missing for three weeks, locked in this dungeon that is located in the middle of a field next to the Old Dairy Farm in North Dakota. Along with me were other girls and guys around the same age as me. I thought to myself, what is going on here? Soon after the first week went by I realized what was going on. This was some sort of secret lab that were doing experiments with their products on teenagers!

The first three days while I was sitting here locked in this cell they gave me this strange liquid to drink, and if I would’ve refused, they would’ve forced me to drink it anyway.  The next day I threw everything up, but it wasn’t just normal sick, it was from whatever poison was in that drink.

I’ve realized after they use people for their testing they don’t keep anyone locked in this cell. They kill them. That is why I’m writing this letter. Anyone who finds it, please help these people! They are on their way to come get me now. I don’t have very long. If you’re reading this, I’ve placed this letter in the empty bottles that they use to test on us. This would go to the recycling plant where someone would find this in between the bottles. Please send help!

Sincerely, Cecilia May

Carissa Zawiski
Carissa Zawiski is a junior in her second year of journalism. She keeps herself entertained with cheerleading and by spending time with friends and family. She hopes to attend college after high school and get a degree in teaching. She sees teaching as something she would love to do, and wants to help others understand how important education is their lives.

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