The Moon and Stars

The Moon and Stars

By: Alexis Parks/Junior Writer

Always there

Behind the clouds

Crescents or full

Dark yet they glow

Every night they come

Fill the sky

Gone and back again

Hidden but still there

Insignificant for some

Joy as they come

Kiss under the lights

Love in the air

Magnificent as they shine so bright

Open land great for,

Picnics under the dark sky

Quick to leave

Revisit the night again

So many stars up in the sky

Together with the moon

Under the lights 

Vast people sleep

With love and care

Xenodochial are the stars as they leave

Yearning people wait for their return

Zealous as they come again

Alexis Parks
Alexis is a first year creative writing and social media marketing student as she enters her junior year. Her favorite things are adventuring and reading as she likes to take her mind on adventures as well. She plays basketball and in her free time loves to spend time with family and friends. She works as a hostess and helps out on her farm as she figures out what she wants to do in the future. She hopes to be in the medical field yet is also intrigued with business; her biggest priority is to be able to work and help people. She is taking this course in hopes to use it in her future and push her out of her comfort zone.

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