The Party Crasher

The Party Crasher

When I got home from the party, my parents were out cold on the couch. I began to slowly creep in through the front door trying not to wake them up. I slowly began to shut the door when, my golden retriever came storming down the stairs. My parents hoped up from their slumber and to face me at the front door. They were asking why was standing in front of the door. Right when I was looking for an excuse, there standing all high and mighty was my older sister. She starting slowly walking down the stairwell looking like some evil villain in a movie. She said that she was the one that let the dog down the stairs. As she began to speak more I slowly began to drown out the noise of what she was saying. After a few minutes both my parents were standing in front of me.

Caiden George
Caiden George is a senior in high school, and is doing his first creative writing class. He also juggles varsity sports outside school such as Soccer and Track. He's also a very energetic kid and very friendly, unless he doesn't get his coffee.

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