The “Perfect” Child

The “Perfect” Child
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By: Garrett Conklin/Junior Writer

There were red solo cups everywhere, Post Malone’s “Candy Paint” was blasting from the large speakers. I stand on my tippie-toes and squint my eyes to look over the large crowd of people, trying to find my “perfect” sister, Penelope. It was only a little earlier that day that my parents left for Oregon with my little brother.  My sister and I watched them drive away. I noticed that when she was still waving goodbye, she had a devilish grin and eyes that seemed to have no soul. Immediately, when the car was out of sight, she turned and went to her room, jumped on her bed, pulled out her phone and started playing, doing work or something on it. I didn’t think much of it at first, but I wish I did.

I went to my room, closed my door behind me and started my physics homework that was due on Monday. It was an average Saturday. After a couple of hours, I was getting close to finishing a problem when I noticed an old blue toyota corolla pull into the driveway. Confused, I went outside and as I got closer I realized a couple of students from my school were in the car. I walked towards them and asked if I could help them with something, and to my suprise, they handed a big black speaker to me. Struggling to hold it up, I ask what the speaker’s for. They students took my question as a joke and laughed it off. The other kids grabbed the three speakers that were left and started walking to my porch.

“Is here fine?” one asked me.

“Umm, Sure.” I respond. I’m still very confused and rotate around to walk in the house until Penelope walks out. She was very relaxed. I pull aside and ask her about “What the hell is going on?”

“A party.” she says as she walks away without hesitation. I am starting to get a little freaked out, next thing I know, there is another car pulling in. They roll down their window, a girl’s head pops out. 

“Are we early?” Penelope shakes her head. The window rolls up and the car is turned off. I went to my room to finish my homework to get my mind off of whatever was going on. I pick up my pencil and continue where I left off. An amount of time flew bye, and I was in a trance. I snap awake when I hear the speakers start to play an unrecognizable song. I jump up and look out my window. I notice that there is a large line of cars from our driveway, down the side of the road. I ran to the kitchen area and see people crowding the entire floor. I pull out my phone and call Penelope, but I go straight to voicemail. I sigh and look around for my sister. I search like a miner digging for gold. 

After what seems like an hour, I give up. I think to myself how I am not a snitch. But I feel like this is crazy enough to be called out. Finally, Penelope will get in trouble for once. I ran to the bathroom, and knock on the door. There’s no response. I shook the knob and the door opened up. I dashed in, and closed the door behind me to muffle the sounds of the music to almost nothing. I open up my phone and call my mom. 

After a couple of seconds, it starts to ring. I waited for what felt like forever, and then my little brother picked up.

“What?” he exclaims.

“Can you put mom on the phone, please?” I respond. It took a couple of seconds, and I could envision my brother rolling his eyes, until he hands the phone off to my mom.

“Hello?” she asks.

“I need you to come home right now. You’re not gonna believe this.” My mother doesn’t respond. “Are you still there?”

“I won’t be for long, because you’re ruining my vacation from you!”

“It’s an emergency!” I cry aloud. “I need you to see this!” I could hear a change in tone from my mother. I could tell she started to become nervous.

“We just arrived at the airport, but I will turn around and come home. I’ll be there in about an hour, okay?” There was a brief pause and she hung up. I couldn’t believe I convinced her to come home without Penelope´s knowledge. My mother is not an easy going woman. Right now, she probably thinks something crazy happened, like an intruder or an earthquake. 

I turn my phone off and push open the door until it hits something. A thud comes crashing down. I peek my head out of the crack and see a male teenager in a beanie rubbing his head. He looks up at me, and points a finger towards my chest. 

“SNITCH!” The boy screamed it so loud that the music cuts out, and everyone stops and looks at me. “HE SNITCHED ON OUR PARTY!” For a second, I’m lost until I realize he was overhearing my conversation with my mother for which he mistook for the cops. AT that moment, everyone went berserk. People dropped their cups and ran out the nearest exit towards their cars. Penelope swoops into the door against the massive mob running away. Within seconds everyone was leaving. The only people left are Penelope, and me. She stares into my soul.

“What the hell happened?!” She maintains eye contact and walks toward me. I shrivel up like a dried cranberry and stammer over my words.

“I-I- d-d-don’t kn-know.” I close my eyes and want to pretend it’s only a dream. Penelope takes a deep breath and walks away. I watch her. She goes into the kitchen and grabs a trash bag.

“Are you gonna help clean up, or not?” she asks me. My body moves itself. It runs upstairs and into my room. I lock the door and hold a chair up against it for extra protection. Quickly, I sit on my bed and wait for all hell to break loose.I was so scared that it didn’t take long for my body to think that time wasn’t passing. I hear a car pull into the driveway. I jump up and look out the window to see who it is.

I exhale a sigh of relief. It is my parents and little brother. I throw the chair from my door and sprinted downstairs to see a spotless living room. I’m in shock. This couldn’t be. The next thing I see is my mother bash open the door and look around expecting something dangerous. She realizes that nothing is wrong and sees me.

“Is there a reason that you called me?” 

“Penelope threw a party and there were hundreds of people. There were red solo cups everywhere and speakers so loud that I couldn’t hear a thing.” My mother sighs. Penelope appears from her room.

“Hi, mom!” she runs up and gives her a big hug. “Did you forget something?”

“No. Garrett called me a little over an hour ago and told me to come home. He’s informing me now that you threw a party. But I think Garrett is just trying to get you in trouble.”


“That’s ridiculous!” she responds. “I’ve been doing homework ever since you left.” Penelope giggles and my mom smiles at her. Then my mom looks at me again with a clearly angry face.

“I expect more from you. Lately you have been arrogant, selfish, and not a good brother.” I try to explain myself until she cuts me off. “I don’t even want to hear it.” She turns and walks out the door to return to her vacation.

Penelope is still smiling, but as soon as my mom left she looks at me with a straight face. “Better luck next time.” She walks away back into her room. I don’t even know what to say. She outsmarts me every damn time. The “Perfect” Child strikes again.

Garrett Conklin
Garrett Conklin is a senior and in his second year of Creative Writing. He keeps himself entertained by playing sports such as soccer and volleyball. After high school, he plans to attend Clarks Summit University and major in Health and Physical Education.

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