The Stone

The Stone
Photo Credit: Krisztina Papp

By: Jenna McCarthy/Junior Writer

I couldn’t breath. What’s happening, I wondered and dropped to the ground. Laying on the cold dark pavement I utilized all of the energy I had left to open my eyes ever so slightly. I could see kids playing in the distance and the sound of my husband running towards me. His deep scared voice repeating, “Honey, honey are you okay?” over and over, just waiting for a response. Mid panic, my first thought was to hold on. Hold on to anything that’ll keep me here. I scraped the ground with my stiff hands and grasped a stone. A tiny stone. Hopefully that’d be enough to keep me here.

Jenna McCarthy
Jenna McCarthy is a junior in High School. She is involved in the National Honor Society, the President of LEO club and Secretary of FBLA. She manages the women's basketball team at Blue Ridge and plays volleyball. She also exercises reguarlly. You can see me usually on the slopes of Elk Mountain right after my daily bath.

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