The Thing in the Woods

The Thing in the Woods

It was a cold winter night in Sacara, a cabin house deep in the woods which held a family. A seven year old girl and eleven year old boy with their dog and father. Their mother passed away a couple years back. It was a very cold night and supplies were running out, they needed more wood for the fire and more food and water before there’s none at all. The  father was the one who went out and gathered the necessities. While he was gone Adam was in charge.  “I love you both so much, you be safe while I’m gone. I’ll be back before you know it” said the father.

The fire roaring, the wind whistling, and the feeling of uneasiness. “The fire is getting low Adam, what are we going to do if it goes out?” Sofie asked. “Don’t worry about that, we will be okay. Father should be back very soon.” Adam replied. Father usually isn’t ever gone for long periods at a time. “The more we focus on waiting for dad the longer it will be” said Adam. 

He started to cook dinner for Sofie and himself waiting for their father to come back home. It was getting very late and there still wasn’t any sign of him, the children started to grow worried. The kids knew it was safer inside even if their father wasn’t there. So, they kept the fire going, fed the dog, and ate some supper themselves. As the time kept passing by, Adam and Sofie grew more and more inpatient.

There was a knock at the front door, Sofie and Adam paused, not knowing what to do. They looked at each other and both yelled, “who is it!?”, there was no answer so they decided to open the door to see who it was. Adam opened the door but there was no one there. “Hello, who’s there?” he called out. He shut the door and grabbed a lantern then opened the door again to look. There was something out there but it didn’t seem completely human. It was about 5 feet tall, goat type feet, long bridal hair, sharp nails, horns or something near poking out of its head. It’s legs were like a chicken or a goat as well, it wasn’t human but it wasn’t an animal. Adam jumped in fear, unknowing of what it is or what it wants. “Why are you here?’ he called out, his voice trembling. “What are you?” Why are you here?”. Adam and Sofie were wishing their father was back by now but there was still no sign of where he was. “Why do you think it’s here, do you think he might be here for Father?” ased Sofie. “I don’t know Sofie, I only know as much as you” Replied Adam. Sofie and Adam were questioning finding out why the thing was there and if they should go out to check. They went back inside and were taking a breather to gather their emotions and not freak out. After a few moments they get dressed into more than just pj’s, then open the door to see what was up with this creature. As they opened the door they realized that it was closer this time. They were also quick to realize that it had some type of locket in its hand. Father had a locket on before he left, it was the locket that was mothers before she passed away. How come this thing had the locket instead of father, they thought. “Is father okay, did this thing hurt him do you think? Father was such a good man, why would anything want to hurt him” said Sofie. They have realized that they were going to have to see what it wanted and to see if maybe it knew or had an idea of where father would be. The two children went back inside to gather things for their trip to find their father. They packed supper and water, a blanket and lantern, and fathers extra coat. Adam opened the door for Sofie and closed it behind her and the dog and they were on their way. “Do you know where father is?” asked Adam. The creature didn’t answer, it stayed quiet facing forward. “It is getting offly dark and we have been walking for a while now” said Adam, asking to take a break. They all stop walking and rest on the side of a tree and eat the things they brought, they even offered some to the creature and it accepted. It seems harmless, thought the kids. They all finished up on their dinner and started walking once again. It started to grow darker and darker, the house was getting farther and farther away. “I feel as if we should have seen our father by now” said Adam. The creature didn’t respond, it just kept moving forward. They kept walking so far, unil there was no light and no opening, only trees surrounding them and far from anything living besides what’s in the woods. Adam and Sofie started to become very curious and anxious, wondering ho far they need to go to find their father. They still don’t even know if this thing knows where their father is or if it’s the reason he isn’t back. They walked for a few more moments about 3 miles from home. “Where are we” Adam asked, there was no response. So they just kept walking, knowing it was the only thing they could do. Until the creature stopped, dead in its tracks. “Why are we stopping, is father close?” The thing just turned around and looked at them. Nothing was said, no movements were made until the thing started walking towards them. There father wasn’t right there from what they could see, and the thing kept walking toward them in a fast manner. “ What are you doing, please stop, your scaring me” 


Resolution- It grabbed him and Sofie by the shoulder to show them that there was only a little more to go. They looked at where it was pointing and continued to walk. Their legs growing tired and painful, the sky becoming as dark as can be and finally they heard something. “What is that noise?” Asked Adam. They kept going forward until they seen him, it was their father. “ “Father, you’re okay, I am so glad to see you”. Father was alive, his leg was hurt from falling into a trap, but he was safe. The creature was nice after all, it was just trying to help.

Jessica McEwen
Jessica McEwen is a 17 year old that has studied at Blue Ridge School District for her entire school career.

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