The Worst Way to Die

The Worst Way to Die
Image by Victor Grabarczyk Image by Victor Grabarczyk

By: Kiera Andusko/ Sophomore writer

I woke up naked, covered in slugs, and choking on something slimy. I considered letting whatever it was continue to choke me because it was most likely another slug, but then I thought about how terrible of a way to die that would be. I pictured, “Man found naked, covered in slugs, pronounced dead after choking on a slug,” covering the news and knew I couldn’t go out like that. I fought the slimy, not-so-little slug as I tried to cough it back up, but it was putting up quite a solid effort to stay wedged in my throat. My mind wondered as I sat there, hacking up a slug, thinking of how I could have possibly ended up in this situation. I couldn’t tell where I was, where my clothes were, or how the pesky slugs managed to find me. My thoughts became stranger the longer I sat there. The slug was still sliming the inside of my throat, blocking my breathing, yet letting just enough oxygen in. I didn’t want to die, but I was beginning to accept my fate as one of the worst ways to die in history. My surroundings began to blur and I could feel the slug squirming inside me before it all went black and my head hit a soft pile of slugs.
Kiera Andusko
Kiera Andusko is a sophomore at Blue Ridge. She is in her first year of creative writing and participates in many clubs at school. She enjoys playing volleyball and participating in track and field, and spends most of her time listening to music. Although she isn't sure what she wants to do after high school, she hopes to go to college to enter the medical field.

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