Through Your Wildest Dream

Through Your Wildest Dream

By: Shelby Seamans/ Sophomore Writer

Through Your Wildest Dreams:

All around the world

Beautiful living things roam

Creatures from everywhere

Dance together on the night

Everything so beautiful and tranquil

Far from fake for this is real

Goodness from deep in your heart start to come out of the dark

Here they stand the weak and afraid

In this land they are grand

Just because they are different in your eyes doesn’t mean they bite

Kindness spreads through their hearts

Love wins over the barrel of hate

Many are now accepted but many is not All

Nearly to the end of the tale

Overrated to be no more 

Perfect is not for them

Queens and kings of their own little land

Rushing some more start their journey

Special in their own little way

Talented beyond belief

Unbreakable, unmovable, they are stronger than ever before

Visions of fairies and magic buzz throughout their head

Wonderful wishes wherever they go

Xany and full of determination they make their go

You may find this place, hurry up don’t delay

 Zestly and sweetly they will gladly welcome you in


Shelby Seamans
Shelby Seamans is a Sophomore at Blue Ridge High school and enjoys Writing and drawing in her free time.  She wishes to become a Art Therapist or an Art Teacher after Graduating from High School and Collage.

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