To the Moon

To the Moon

By: Kayla Blaisure/ Junior writer

She told me that she loved the stars

I told her that I would take her on a spaceship

And we could go to space

I’d fly her to the moon 

So she could free her mind

She said life should have more magic

I said that’s what life is full of

I know that it gets lonely 

But the sky may not be the limit

Why don’t we create our own planet

Maybe without all of the pain

We can paint the world with new color 

No poverty just peace

We can bring the stars to us
A place full of unconditional love

We’ll unbreak all of the broken

And free our world from hate

It’ll be our big safe haven 

Even when it’s not night

The moon will be our neighbor

We will never be alone

As the stars will always be in sight

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