Touch of Death

Touch of Death

By: Kiera Andusko/ Sophomore writer

Lush greens cover the ground, sending trees high into the sky where birds and butterflies fly around. People explore nature, not the internet. They spend their time outside, making connections with the world around them. They follow animals of all sorts as they wander around the bright landscapes, day after day. It seems magical, almost perfect to most, but some know the dark secrets that the plants try to hide. A spot of death and decay lays tucked in the deepest forest, where people try not to roam for fear of what lurks behind the curtain of life. Leaves will tumble off nearby trees and cascade peaceful towards the lavish floor, but now and again one will be caught in a breeze that carries it over the line between life and death. It instantly ignites in rich ember flames, turning into nothing save a pile of black ashes.  

A girl comes bounding toward the spot, fearless as can be with her mother running after her, calling her name desperately. Her voice comes muffled to the young girl, who is experiencing something she’s never seen before, and that is far more exciting than her mother’s boring voice. The girl runs to the edge, noticing how the Earth turns from lively green to despair, but not her mother’s panicked tone. She crosses the line with her mother rushing in after her and watches as dark patches begin to form across her mom’s body, tearing her apart from the inside out. The girl stands there in shock at the sight of her mom disappearing right before her eyes with silent tears streaming down her face. She remains in a trance waiting for her mother to come walking towards her again, but she knows she never will. 

With defeat, she turns to walk out of the demented land that took her mother away from her, but when she places her foot on the ground outside the circle, the grass and dainty flowers beneath her wilt at the gentle touch. She picks her foot up, startled by what she did, and watches as the rest of the blackness behind her extends to the tip of where her toes had been. She tried again, but with every step she took, more life was drained from the precious land. 

Kiera Andusko
Kiera Andusko is a sophomore at Blue Ridge. She is in her first year of creative writing and participates in many clubs at school. She enjoys playing volleyball and participating in track and field, and spends most of her time listening to music. Although she isn't sure what she wants to do after high school, she hopes to go to college to enter the medical field.

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