Trip to the Moon

Trip to the Moon

By: Caiden George/ Senior Writer

He promised me forever that we would take a trip to the moon. This was 10 years ago before he had past away. My uncle had always wanted to be buried up on the moon, and one day live there. But with the technology that we had back then it wasn’t possibly. So when he passed away I made it my mission to make it possible for people to travel to the moon to visit or possibly live there. So for the next 6 years I spent studying engineering, biological and physical science. I was able to start my journey to make it possible to travel to the moon and live there. Around this time NASA had made a rocket that could take off and then also land. Which would make the getting there easy but designing the pods to live on the moon made it difficult. So I spent the next 3 years designing the houses that would capable to with stand the moons gravity. When I made a break through that would allow the rocket to take a full house up to the moon and allow people to live in it. I took this straight to NASA and they decided to go through and send it to the moon. But they would need someone to go up there to test it and return safety. I nominated myself to go since I could fix someone if something went wrong. After a a year of preparing the plan was set. I would go up there for 2 earth days and then come back and record my findings. So the next day they gave me the supplies to stay there and then we were off.

Caiden George
Caiden George is a senior in high school, and is doing his first creative writing class. He also juggles varsity sports outside school such as Soccer and Track. He's also a very energetic kid and very friendly, unless he doesn't get his coffee.

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